Identify Your Ideal Customer

If you’re thinking of starting a business, or building an e-commerce website — and let’s face it, that sounds like fun! — you’ve got to have some idea of what you’re trying to build. Don’t build a house without blueprints, because if the toilet doesn’t fit through the door then everything else is pointless, right? You need an information blueprint too – in other words, you need to know exactly which bits of your content will work best for absolutely everybody.

Why is it so important to know who your ideal customers are? Well, your business, as great as you may think it is, isn’t meant to appeal to everybody. Some people will be willing to accept what you offer and turn into repeat customers, some can understand what you have going on but won’t commit to a purchase, and others won’t even be interested in your services at all( maybe it’s time for them to look for a new partner!)

How do you know who to market your product to? You don’t. Instead, identify and define your target target segment of people by creating a persona that describes the type of individual that you wish to have using your product or service. Once you’ve identified the type of person who would be most interested in using your services, it becomes easier to design your website and messaging like advertisements so as to appeal directly to them.

What is the problem and how is our solution different?

When you start a business, one of the first things someone might ask you is “What problem does your product or service solve?” If you haven’t figured that out just yet, now is the time. Would it really be beneficial for people to know how wonderful your product or service is if they do not see how it helps their lives or understand what it actually means to benefit from it? I thought so! People need to be pointed in a direction that leads them there. The whole point of marketing is encouragement and inspiration to take action. So how can they ever feel inspired if a business has no clue what problem they are solving?

It’s time to get started on making your mark in this big, big world that we happen to live in! Great! To start your company off right, you’ll want to identify who you are and what you do through these next steps. Do you have any competitors already out there who offer the same products and solutions? What makes you different from the crowd? Once you’ve determined this key differentiation factor, it will play a role in determining your marketing strategy and help you stand out from the rest of the pack!

Demographics matter:

Why do demographics matter? If you’re selling high-quality, fine wines, you want to avoid wasting your time and money marketing them to people who refuse to pay full price. Instead, you should be talking to like-minded peers or those most likely to purchase the kind of wine that they make such as restaurants or bars whose clientele are typically willing to spend more on a quality product — so by understanding your ideal customer’s demographics, including income and preferences for example, you’ll be able to cater your messaging in order have reach the same target audience!

Feedback is the key:

Feedback is like a gift, and when your customers give it to you it’s helpful to take in what they are saying, consider how it will affect your future efforts to grow, and hopefully use the suggestions they offer that might make your business even better.

Identify ideal customers to run your business successfully!

When you envision your perfect customer and create a customer persona, you’re also learning about running your business. If your business is project-based then it may be particularly helpful to develop multiple personas in order to more accurately market to a specific audience moving forward.

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