01. Introduction

Dhunis provides web design and services for startups, entrepreneurs, small to medium size businesses and the enterprises. We have a team of specialists focused on mobile app development, content management system solutions, and customized solutions for your specific industry needs.


We understand the problem space and design scope and explore accordingly.


Design-centric approach towards the project for both user experience design.


Web design encompasses many different skills in the production of all web.

02. Thought-process

Dhunis is a website that aims to be an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to start a business and grow their idea from the ground up.  Orange color is commonly referred to as a happy and welcoming hue because of its ability to evoke particular positive emotions and thoughts such as happiness. That’s why we’ve chosen orange as the primary hue for Dhunis’ home page in order to project our site’s image as an innovative hub for young, future-minded leaders that want to stand out in this cutthroat world of rapidly-paced competition and innovation.

03. Journey with Dhunis

Dhunis is a portal for a host of services, including web development, incubation, software, trainings and internships that provide different stakeholders with the infrastructure necessary to launch their startups. Orange is an invigorating color which has many positive connotations such as friendship and joy. It’s a good option for use everywhere on the home page in order to project Dhunis’ image as a versatile platform for innovation and growth.

Client: Sudheer
Website: dhunis.ltd
Services: Branding, Web Development, SEO
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