Encore Rooms

01. Introduction

Ncore rooms is a 3-star hotel have comfortable and spacious rooms with all the facilities that people will need for a good night’s sleep. The inn has different sized rooms, each with their own unique style and also has a banquet hall for formal or celebratory dinners for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays’s, kitty parties, official meetings.


We understand the problem space and design scope and explore accordingly.


Design-centric approach towards the project for both user experience design.


Web design encompasses many different skills in the production of all web.

02. Thought-process

The client presented us with their branding materials (such as logo and company colour schemes) to ensure that our design was integrated seamlessly into their overall scheme. This approach was great for us because the client knew what they wanted from the beginning. Plus it made our job a little bit easier because instead of trying to impress them by designing something completely brand new, some of the leg work had already been done for us! Now that’s teamwork at its finest: effective communication between parties helps increase efficiency and bring about cost-effective solutions for all involved.

03. Journey with Ncore Rooms

The hotel was already completed and high-rise by the time we started working with them, so we had to design the site from scratch using their branding template as our basis (i.e., it had to be consistent with their logo and other visual elements). Earlier, we were worried about the project, but when we met the team, they made things easy for us. A great team that always responds in time!

Client: Eesha
Services: Branding, Web Development
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