01. Introduction

hackwhat works on a straight forward vision in making users master new skills and learn new concepts in the field of cyber security and IT. Providing accessible virtualization anywhere and necessary skill sets that are important to thrive in taking career choices.


We understand the problem space and design scope and explore accordingly.


Design-centric approach towards the project for both user experience design.


Web design encompasses many different skills in the production of all web.

02. Thought-process

We worked with the hackwhat team to provide a smooth and efficient experience. We truly understood one another right from the start and really got along, so we discussed our needs over coffee where they created visual mockups that highlighted their brand personality, we provided feedback on their design, and they constantly implemented our suggestions during this process. Once they were happy with their initial designs, we quickly completed the project without any issues!

05. Journey with hackwhat

hackwhat is an ed-tech platform. The team felt pretty scrappy and we got along great with them. We totally understood one another and discussed the project over coffee. The designers on the hackwhat team worked with us closely to help create their brand from scratch, taking feedback and implementing changes every step of the way. Once they were happy with the initial designs, we jumped right in to completing the project without any issues!

Client: Ranjit Patnaik
Website: hackwhat.com
Services: Branding, Web Development, SEO, Marketing
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