Rajesh Restaurant

01. Introduction

Rajesh restaurant is famous for its delicious biriyani, which definitely worth a visit. It’s the best in the vicinity and people just can’t resist it. They’ll devour it all while they’re at it. The food at this gem of a place is so deliciously addicting!


We understand the problem space and design scope and explore accordingly.


Design-centric approach towards the project for both user experience design.


Web design encompasses many different skills in the production of all web.

02. Thought-process

We told them we could create a new design for them so that customers would be more interested in eating there because the building looked like it had been through so many years of hard times. They were happy with what we did, so now we are able to suggest other ways for them to get more business by helping them be more attractive to customers and make money from whatever they sell!

03. Journey with Rajesh restaurant

The restaurant was old so we had suggested that they updated and changed their logo at least to catch the attention of the customers and help them stand out in a competitive market. Since the restaurant owners were pleased with our work, this allowed us to suggest additional ways in which we could help them attract more customers and make money from their business.

Client: Rajesh
Services: Branding, Web Development, SEO
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