01. Introduction

Siera beach hotel is an oceanfront, luxury beach hotel in the heart of Visakhapatnam. It offers exclusive services to its customers who comes to spend their holidays or to attend business meetings.

02. Thought-process

Thorough research and design that takes into account the psychology behind colors is key in creating an appealing customer experience – which goes beyond just color. Why blue? Blue is tranquil, peaceful and trusty while representing Siera perfectly!

03. Journey with Siera

Went to a lot of meetings with Siera’s leadership team to talk about their business and what they wanted the website to do. Website design is not just about choosing a color palette; it has other factors that need to be considered, like how users might react emotionally when seeing certain colors on your site. Blue represents a sense of calm, peace, harmony, trust or honesty. This is why we chose this color to help convey these same feelings or sensations when you see this color on our website!

Client: Praniith
Services: Branding, Web Development, SEO, Marketing
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