01. Introduction

Vegitab is a vegetable & fruits delivery platform and other groceries too are delivered to people at their doorstep! They’re able to stay as true to their promise of delivering fresh groceries at an affordable price.


We understand the problem space and design scope and explore accordingly.


Design-centric approach towards the project for both user experience design.


Web design encompasses many different skills in the production of all web.

02. Research

Our process began with analyzing the target audience to determine the core values of Vegitab, which led us to then understand what the consumer expects. Our research later helped us to develop a visual definition for our client’s product and allowed for a better understanding of the initial team expectations. The design philosophy we developed set forth core objectives for each page type.

03. Design

Vegitab is a shop that sells fresh organic produce and we wanted their new online platform to suit this unique selling proposition. We came up with a green background and incorporated green into the layout and we worked with them on suggested layout schemes and they love what we’ve done! What’s even better is that our marketing strategies are paying off: after following our advice.

04. Develop

Vegitab has seen an increase of 42% in phone calls generated by the adverts we have placed for them. This means more people are buying their products in real-time and not just relying on the Internet but using it as a reference resource while still picking up those fruits and vegetables at their local store.

05. Journey with Vegitab

We’ve worked with Vegitab team quite a bit and it never gets old working with such professionals. The level of expertise they have is better than much of the best we’ve seen. We’re very pleased to have their company as our online partner because they always go above and beyond to make sure they meet our expectations and are more than pleased with providing us with great customer service by making both parties happy by getting things done within the allotted time-frame that was given, in addition to maintaining an excellent communication basis at all times.

Client: Rama Krishna
Services: Branding, IOS, Android, Web Development
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